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My Story

I was adopted and found my birth mother when I was 24, this time was a huge welcome to have more family! Another level of acceptance, another level of love, another level of peace within.


At that time my family and I were told I was a stolen child.


A part of the Sixties Scoop. 

I was adopted by non-indigenous parents and faced challenges along the way as most children go through. Being adopted was at times emotionally challenging knowing  I didn’t look like my family.  

I am grateful for the feeling of unconditional love I had from my family. It didn’t stop the normalcy of connection, my mom was my best friend, my father’s little buddy, and my older brothers tagged along, as stable as most families. 

I grew up knowing I was protected, I knew I was loved, and safety felt it came later. You see I could visually see spirit and energies in all its forms since I was small.  Several even daily experiences to what some would call extraordinary. My life has been existing seeing energy, and helping others with what I see. Where once I kept this hidden; now I’m allowing myself to feel comfortable expressing my truth. 

Soul Contract

I’m a spirit record keeper and help spirits alchemize and heal their ancestral line.  I allow the story of their lives and deaths to be told and recorded. A process I remember agreeing to when I incarnated here.

I was allowing them to have a voice, in their existence. When they pass there is an acknowledgement, others gather, everyone is releasing, I’m crying. Immediately their ancestral line is completely cleansed, raising the planet's vibration. I’m doing my part in being a record keeper. 

I also had spirits from the neighborhood standing in a line through my home to my bed. So when I was sleeping I was helping as well. 

This beginning of my life created a deep feeling of wanting to be understood and accepted by people around me.  I enjoyed leading with my heart. I didn’t turn my seeing and communicating ability off. This existence created a life of many beautiful and wondrous experiences.

Throughout my life, I grew out of this need for acceptance slowly, with indigenous traditional counseling and healing by connecting with the indigenous community in Toronto. I also had help with energies I could see and communicate with since I was very small. Growing up in the 70s was a very difficult time to be openly a medium, definitely as a child. 

This is why working with families where children may feel uncomfortable is a great blessing. 

My focus was to remain safe. I was a very shy and loving child, and feeling so very different. Angels, even Jesus, whom I knew didn’t look like what I was taught he would look like, such beautiful loving eyes! 

You see  I had a line of spirit coming to my bed every night.  


I understood was doing some kind of job which led to many pictures of me sleeping so much during the day. My parents naturally just led with their hearts and felt I needed lots of sleep.


I had Arch Angels in my room, galactic family, nature elements, and so much more. These energies I found comforting, they kept me safe and I knew it. 

Emotionally this was difficult because of the feeling that I couldn’t say anything.


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 18, obviously due to an overload of my nervous system.


I had other medical issues that required surgeries, I was a mess.

Before 2020 I naturally knew what to do to help heal, which I have many stories.


When it came to myself, I thought I was destined to live with these medical issues. I accepted them as truth. 

Coming into 2020, even I had enough of just existing with so much pain.


I finally asked if the spirtis could teach me how to heal myself. They communicated this loving knowledge and I felt a deep sense to pass this on.


Within the last 2 years, I was shown a way to help those who are working with their physical bodies, in forms of alchemy, ancestral energy in all its forms.


The majority of the pain needed to be gone before I could begin helping others, so I could focus more on inner child work.


It has been a huge journey, 4 years of realizing the connection to myself was just as important as healing the pain. Healing the pain requires a deeper understanding of the importance of the interrelationship we have with ourselves and everything around us.


This is a part of quantum healing the spirits taught me. 

We all are learning to go within, to break down barriers, transmute, forgive, and lovingly step forward. Embodying this unconditional divine love within us creates the sacred space for ultimate synergy. 

This is why quantum healing has been more of a learning of how to completely surrender to the self. 

Witnessing and feeling currents of time shifting with how parallel worlds and universes are all happening now is a bit mind-bending.


 Understanding these currents on how our choices can be visualized like energy branches of the tree are some of the examples of our marvelous captivating paradise. 

We can shift our vibration per second, we can have glimpses of different timelines, and different us that exist at the same time. There is a comfort that endless possibilities can exist.


We have unlimited potential and we are all untapped resources for ourselves. Only we can untether ourselves from past belief systems that do not apply and hold us back. 

This is a foundation for mentoring me

This is part of a method of healing where you can provide healing to yourself. Your aura is a sight of transformative beauty!  I do not enter your aura, simply helping you feel you, and guide you so you can give healing to you.  

Helping create a sacred space where unconditional divine love can spark a connection with yourself.  

It’s always at your pace, for your frequency is different from mine, for connecting with the heart is always acceptance, safety, inclusivity, unconditional love, peace, and flow.

As a a multidimensional medium and psychic, land-honoring, nature lover I offer sessions of:

  • Psychic Mediumship Readings

  • Quantum Healing Sessions

  • Mentoring

  • Custom Channeled Bracelets


My purpose here is to help others with their journey to self-discovery. I help you with the healing and transformation process, breaking down barriers, transmuting, forgiveness, and lovingly stepping forward.


I will help you create a sacred space for your highest elevation by helping you with your spiritual awakening. To move forward with your sacred truths and remember your limitless multidimensional potential. Book an appointment with me today to deepen your self discovery!

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