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Arfvedsonite and Dalmation Jasper

Arfvedsonite and Dalmation Jasper


Arfvedsonite is noticable by the blue striations shining thorugh the crystal. I have found crystals that shimmer, that have light within seem to help with awareness and intuitive conenction


interesting fact of dalmation jasper's dark spots once thought the black was tourmaline, analysis found it is arfvedsonite.


Arfvedsonite is an impactful stone that can be used for spiritual ascension, calming your emotional body while helping to create a cool, composed mentality. these vibrational energies helps us go within to be able to communicate deep emotional feelings with calmness and sensitivity, creating a space where we can process our inner child and break though old restrictive patterns towards positivity.

This spiritual work creates a sense of alignment with source, creating a clear path to restucture, intention setting and manifest your truth.


Dalmation jasper is a grounding playful stone that gives a vibration of fun and increases loyalty within relationships. This stone also helps with connection with the earth, self and beyond. being at peace with self allows for activation of psychic abilities. To note; all jaspers are supreme nurturers and supports in times of stress and anxiety.


This combination of Arfvedsonite and Dalmation Jasper have a dual purpose, but intrinsic as well. This bracelet clears blockages, creating peace within, thereby can help with psychic connection.


    All bracelets can be used with 6mm or 8 mm beads. spacers or none, spacers can be silver copper or gold plated. spacers can also be plain or with accents. These can be discussed or intuitely chosen.

    Please measure your wrist with a flexible tape or strip of paper. use this measuring with a ruler to measure the length. this will be your wrist size. Your bracelet will be created from this measurement with 1/2 inch added for comfort.




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