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Hear the Whispers?
 Dance with Your Soul's Stories 

Are you hearing the call of your ancestors deep within your soul?

Book a session with Nicole today to uncover the magic buried within.

Take Me With You -
Your Very Own Pocket Psychic

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Welcome to Nicole's Cozy Corner of Healing!


Your Heartfelt Guide to a Happier You



Hi there everyone, I'm Nicole Barker.


I’m a multidimensional medium and psychic, land honoring, nature lover offering sessions of Psychic mediumship readings Quantum healing sessions, and custom channelled bracelets.


My purpose here is to help others with their journey to self-discovery.


To help with their healing and transformation process, to break down barriers, transmute, forgive, and lovingly step forward.


I will help you create a sacred space for your highest elevation by helping you with your spiritual awakening. To move forward with your own sacred truths to remember your limitless multidimensional potential.



Trees whisper the secrets of the universe, grounding us in their timeless wisdom and serene energy. They stand as living bridges between the earth and sky, inviting us to connect with the divine design within ourselves. When we embrace the gentle presence of trees, we tap into a profound source of peace, healing, and clarity.


Nature’s embrace nurtures our souls, helping us remember our interconnectedness with all life. By harmonizing with the natural world, we unlock the hidden treasures of our spirit, guiding us to our true path and highest potential.


Let the trees guide you to the beauty and wisdom that reside within.

Spiritual Healing & Home Energy Insight


I help you heal by connecting with ancestors and spiritual guides, moving you from feeling stuck to feeling more enlightened and peaceful. Whether it's understanding your life’s changes or sensing the energy in your home, I make it easier for you to find peace and clarity.

Curious? Contact me to see how these services can help you today!



Our physical body exists in a 3D towards a 5D state of being, quantum healing helps to bridge the gap.

I facilitate by bridging your healing with each circumstance because our life expresses itself differently at each moment. Furthermore, our brains have different ways that we experience our existence.

It's holding space for you to work through the changes that exist during these times we live in. The key is to remember that everything comes back to love.

Book today and bridge the gap to integrate deeper healing.

Price: $150/Hour



This has become one of my most popular services, with clients from near and far scheduling sessions with me.

During this special service, clients will be able to connect with their own spiritual guides and angels, to form a connection with the divine world.

Curious to learn more?

Get in touch with me to see how you can benefit from working with me today.

Price: $150/Hour



Finding the best home to move to or buy, is a challenging one.


I have the unique ability to see, feel, and communicate with energies in the home. Able to see past present and possible future of land and home. 

In today's world, we are more aware of the energies around us. Having peace of mind throughout this process can be of benefit. 

Have you thought about what energies are in your home? I’m here to help. 

Get a reading today to understand your home better.

Price: $180/Hour



I specialize in clearing and balancing the energy in your home, removing negative vibes and creating a peaceful, harmonious space.

By connecting with the energies of your home, I help transform it into a sanctuary of positive energy and tranquility.

Ready to refresh your space?

Contact me to schedule your house clearing today!

Price: $180/Hour

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I offer personalized mentorship to help you connect with your spiritual guides, enhance your intuitive abilities, and navigate your spiritual journey with confidence and clarity.


Together, we’ll explore your unique gifts and align you with your highest path.

Excited to grow spiritually?

Inquire today to start your mentorship journey!

Price: $150/Hour

Friendly & Open-Minded

Safe Space for Emotional Release

Global Communication Capabilities

Growth Oriented


Lynn Lee Morales
Austin, Texas

"I received a house reading from Niki Barker. This is the first reading of this type I’ve ever had done. 
Niki set my mind at ease by first explaining what was going to happen and how she would be able to do the reading. 
Even though she did the house reading remotely from Canada, and I live in the USA, she felt the same things that I’ve felt in my home. She was able to explain in depth what was going on in each room of the home and why my home felt the way it did. She was able to accurately answer questions that I presented to her through this remote reading. 
She has never physically been to my home and I’ve never done a virtual walk through with her before yet she was able to describe the layout of my floor plan of the home. 
She was very thorough. She was pleasant to work with. She’s very friendly, charismatic, and personable. I recommend her if your interested in having your home read for any reason! She will be able to help you in ways you never thought of with the reading."

"Niki’s connection to Spirit is something I have rarely experienced. Her ability to communicate with those on the Spirit side is a marvel to watch. It also helped to amplify my intuitive abilities. The land and ancestral honouring she bestowed upon land I had recently purchased was beautifully respectful, moving and awe-inspiring.  It was a four-day event which took place at both dawn and dusk each day. Niki guided us to honour those who came before us on this parcel of land. It was a truly beautiful experience. I highly recommend Niki’s services. She’s the real deal."

Bev Bettens - Souls Path
Blackstock, Ontario

"Nicole is a talented psychic with a unique perspective on spirituality that helps you in your journey and healing process. Nicole’s messages give hope and lift your spirits by helping you connect with loved ones and guides."

Sandra Giguere
Whitby, Ontario



Discover the power of gemstones and crystals!


These natural treasures are perfect for wearing or keeping close to harness their healing energy. Whether you’re seeking balance, protection, or a boost of positivity, there’s a stone to support your journey.

Ready to embrace their magic? Shop now and find the perfect gemstone for your healing needs!

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